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October 2022 - Grandis Dental – Grandis Dental


Do I Have to Floss?

Monday, 17 October 2022
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Is it Essential to Floss? The short answer is NO. There are plenty of options besides floss for cleaning between your teeth if flossing is difficult. Even the healthiest diet will result in plaque and plaque acids being deposited on your teeth. To prevent gum problems and dental decay, all of the plaque needs to be removed regularly. Toothbrushing twice a day will clean approximately 60% of the surfaces of the teeth. The remaining 40% of surfaces of the teeth...



Thursday, 6 October 2022
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Preparing for Halloween Here are some hints to get you and your loved ones through Halloween season. Limit snacking to a restricted time limit. Even eating very healthy snacks will leave plaque acid on the teeth. Tooth enamel that has frequent exposure to plaque acid without time to be buffered by saliva leaves this tooth enamel prone to decay. Limit the intake of treats to a certain time in the morning and afternoon. Make sure you have healthy treats available....

Sensitive Teeth

Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Monday, 3 October 2022
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Dealing with Sensitive Teeth Dealing with Sensitive Teeth: Tooth Sensitivity is very common and can be very debilitating. Clinically, we sort sensitivity into 2 different kinds: Reversible: This is sensitivity that stops as soon as the stimulus is removed. For example, cold sensitivity that stops as soon as you swallow the icy drink in your mouth. Irreversible: This is sensitivity that continues even after the stimulus is removed. For example, soreness that lingers for several minutes after eating or drinking...