How And Why To Get Rid Of The Dummy

Monday, 13 March 2023
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Like thumb sucking, dummies used for an extended period can result in an Anterior Open Bite.

We need to ensure that children have stopped using their dummy by the age of 3-4, and definitely before any adult teeth start to erupt.

Get Rid Of The Dummy

Have a conversation with your child about them giving up the dummy, it is important that they are ready to get rid of it. Pick a period to do this and stick to it. There will be nights of struggle at the start but encourage your child to persist.

Gather all of the dummies at the same time and “donate” them to the garbage man in exchange for a prize of the child’s choosing. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but something they really want. Common rewards are dolls, matchbox cars, princess dresses and toy trucks.

Here at Grandis Dental we are happy to liaise with the tooth fairy and forward on your child’s dummies in exchange for a prize from our prize box!

If this fails there are a couple of other things to try to help children kick the habit.

Purchase “Stop and Grow” or a similar product from your pharmacy. This is usually less than $10 and is bitter tasting nail polish. Paint this onto your child’s dummy. Within a few days they are likely to associate the bitter taste with their dummy.

Snip the tip of the rubber teat with a pair of sharp scissors. This results in the dummy not fitting comfortably in the palate, and eventually the child won’t want the dummy as it won’t fit in their mouth like it did before.