Why You Shouldn’t Book in For “Just a Clean”

Thursday, 22 April 2021
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just a clean

For many people, a trip to the dentist is something we want to get over with nice and quickly. Very often we will call and book an appointment “just for a clean” to make our teeth sparkly.  Others will ask the dentist to give their teeth a “quick clean” at the end of an appointment.

Here at Grandis Dental we have appointments for “hygienes” with our Dental hygienists. These appointments are individually tailored to each of our patients.

Rather than doing a quick surface polish, our dentists prefer our patients to have a very thorough scale and polish with our Hygienists. This way our dentists can be available to do restorations and emergency treatment, while knowing that our patients are getting comprehensive and gentle hygiene care.

During a hygiene visit, you will be looked after by one of our Hygienists. If you’ve never seen a hygienist before, don’t worry- our ladies are very gentle and will explain everything that will happen in your appointment.

As you probably already know, our dentists are very fussy. Our hygienists will complete a thorough gum and bone chart called a “Periodontal Charting”during your hygiene session, and this shows if there is any “Gum Disease”or Periodontal Disease (previously called “Pyorrhea”) and how much bone is supporting the teeth. This assessment is incredibly important as there are several health conditions that are directly affected by the health of your gums.  Heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and fertility and pregnancy problems are all associated with uncontrolled Periodontal Disease, as well as many other systemic conditions. For this reason, our dentists rely on our hygienists to be proactive with our patients’ health and highlight any concerns that your General Practitioner might need to know about.

Our dentists will often ask our hygienists to smooth over older fillings or restorations to remove plaque traps and to try to extend the lifespan of older restorations by a few months or years. We know that older restorations will eventually need replacement, but we can often make restorations last a little longer with some simple maintenance carried out during a hygiene session.

Hygienists are often the first clinicians to find cracks and decay that are hidden under deposits of plaque and tartar. Early detection of cracks and decay often means shorter and cheaper restorative appointments with our dentists.

Hygiene sessions at Grandis Dental aren’t the quickest cleans you’ll ever have, but we promise to be the most thorough and gentle. Our Hygienists have many tricks up their sleeves to reduce sensitivity  and ensure your comfort. These visits are the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you might have about bad breath, which toothbrush to buy and tooth whitening.

Our hygienists are the perfect people to ask about your restorative treatment plan. They are very good at explaining treatment plans and what exactly every appointment with the dentist will entail.

Have you booked for your Hygiene yet? If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please contact our friendly admin team on 64042899 or email info@grandisdental.com.au